Models - Manufacturers Unknown

Info on any of these models would be appreciated

As Recieved
  Wellington Bomber
Not Restored
Tesco? Minis
Bought for project but not used
1/18 scale Austin Powers Mini
China? 1959 Cadillac
no details
  AA Motorcycle Patrol
  Fall Guy Pickup
no details
  Lead Elephant (possibly Britaians or J. Hill)
no details
  Coal sacks for lorry
no details
  Direction Sign
no details
Bought thinking it was the trailer for the Dinky El Camino
  Set of Postcards
a set of 10 postcards showing various Dinky models.
  Sentry Box (#1)

Bought these as Dinky but have since found out that Dinky didn't make any.

Please let me know if you can identify them.

  Sentry Box (#2)
Lead Plane

This old lead plane has no markings on it.

It is extremely heavy.

  Laurel & Hardy in Jeep
No idea who makes these - I just thought it was quite comical.
  Platform Sign
No details
  Land Rover and Caravan set
No details
  Petrol Pump
No details
  Garden Roller
Handle broken
no details
  Malta bus
no details
  School bus
no details
no details
no details
  2x Motorbikes
  3 masted sailing ship
no details
  Breakdown Truck
no details
  Car Carrier
no details
  Steam Roller

There are no markings at all on this little model. It is exrtremely well made but the roof appears to be missing.

The model was stripped, repainted and new roof and flywheel made.


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