This is my collection of books about Dinky and other diecast models.

Dinky Books

The Great Book of Dinky Toys
Mike & Sue Richardson

ISBN - 1872727832

The name Dinky Toys belongs to the world famous range of toy cars produced by one of the worlds most famous toy manufacturers, Meccano Ltd. The factory in Binns Road, Liverpool, made high quality metal construction sets, model railways in 0 and 00 gauges, clockwork boats, chemistry sets and many other educational toys. The toy cars were first produced as lineside effects for the Hornby Trains and were added to the Modelled Miniatures range of figure sets. By 1934 the vehicles had taken over and the range was renamed to reflect this. Dinky Toys were the most prolific and diversified range of toy vehicles ever made, so much that the name Dinky has been taken into common usage to denote any small toy car much as we often refer to the vacuum cleaner as a Hoover. Dinky Toys have the greatest number of aficionados of any make of toy and are collected throughout the world.

In 1981, Mike and Sue Richardsons world-renowned book on the subject of Dinky Toys and Modelled Miniatures was published by New Cavendish Books as part of the unique nine-part Hornby Companion Series. Since that time, however, more and more fascinating casting variations and colour combinations have come to light, as well as archive information and original factory drawings. Rarity and condition have had a significant effect on prices, and the original boxes have become an important part of the picture. Rather than update the original book, it was decided that a new approach was needed to codify all the significant and accurate information about Dinky Toys to enable collectors, whether novice or expert, to enjoy their hobby in the twenty-first century.

Dinky Toys (revised 6th edition)
Edward Force

ISBN - 0764323644


This revised 6th edition covers specifications, details and values for the entire Dinky Toy line. Exhaustive in detail and filled with color photos, this book is a must for the Dinky Toy collector.

Dinky Toys & Modelled Minatures Book 1931-1979
(3rd Edition)
Mike & Sue Richardson. 1989,

ISBN 0904568334

Part of the Hornby Companion Series. Profusely illustrated. A historical survey - pre war; pre-war issues; the ships; aeroplanes; post-war issues and production, to the close of Binns Road; foreign issues, productions and imports; novelty, TV tie-ins and miscellaneous; planned models that were never issued; display and marketing; appendices; source material; Dinky Toy compendium.


British Diecast

ISBN - 0955619408

12th Edition of Ramsay's British Diecast Model Toys Catalogue, published in 2005. Original Price £19.95. This book is a very valuable reference book with details ( 1933 - 1983) of Dinky Toys (English and French); Corgi; Matchbox; Triang Spot On; Budgie; Britains; Crescent and new sections on Triang Minic and Meccano Constructor Sets.

Collecting Dinky Toys
Mike Richardson

ISBN - 1870703979

This comprehensive listing, with 400 full-color photos, references all Dinky Toys made. Collectors will find toy vehicles conveniently categorized by type for easy reference, a valuable identification and valuation guide, which lists dates made, colors, and prices, as well as a descriptive history of Dinky Toy production.

The Dinky Toy Price Guide. Frank Thompson.


The Dinky Toy Price Guide by Frank Thompson, 4th edition 1995. Comprehensive guide to all the models produced by Dinky, takes account of recent price changes and also includes the latest models in the Dinky collection issued by Matchbox. In good clean condition with no missing or torn pages, excellent reference book for the collector

Dinky Toys
David Cooke

ISBN - 0747804273

Dinky Toys were introduced in 1931 and these diecast metal toys became bestsellers. More than 1000 different subjects were modelled, mostly transport related. They were created by Frank Hornby, a Liverpool entrepreneur, and Dinky Toys were part of the successful Hornby empire, which also manufactured Meccano and Hornby trains and establish factories in France, Germany, Canada and other parts of the world.

Dinky Toys
Kim Sayer

ISBN - 1904587496

Dinky Toys must be one of the most successful and collectable toys ever made. These delightfully stylish photographs feature models from the golden age of the Dinky toy an era that will be remembered fondly by every post-war baby-boomer, both men and women. Now the subject of serious interest from collectors worldwide many of these models have re-emerged as highly collectable, often selling at very high prices. But the toys that feature here are neither pristine or shiny. Collected over the years by photographer Kim Sayer, their charm is in the chips, dents and worn paint work toys that have been played with and loved. His affection for them is obvious, as each model is given its own delightful setting, reflecting a more gentle and innocent era. Visual puns abound the Landrover, a fine model of a vehicle designed to go anywhere and do anything climbs its way up a staircase, whilst the Avro York Airliner takes off from the ironing board, and an open-top sports car zooms along fighting the gale force winds of an electric fan. Many of the photographs also play off against the original marketing tagline used to sell the models: 'Just look at the remarkable detail on this exciting model of Britain s famous centurion tank. It is a welcome reinforcement for the playroom army.' 'Here is a fine new model, the Humber Police Patrol Car containing uniformed driver and patrolman.' These are wonderful photographs that will appeal to all ages particularly to those who will remember their days of short trousered bliss crawling about on the floor for hours on end, their imaginations fired by the splendour of their Dinky toys

Miller's Collecting Diecast Vehicles
Peter Rixton

ISBN - 1845330307

Miller's Collecting Diecast Vehicles presents this popular collecting area in an informative and in-depth manner, and makes it accessible to a wide range of collectors. Over 320 items are shown in full-colour, covering all the key makes - Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky, and Lledo to name a few. Divided into a chronological survey of makes, from the thirties to the present day, and then a thematic section detailing different kinds of vehicles such as saloon cars, police cars, fire engines, taxis, and racing cars, along with accessories and ephemera, and with historical information on manufacturers, collecting information covering how to identify and date items, and the all-important values reflecting what you might have to pay in today's market, the book is thoroughly comprehensive. It also includes advice on what to look for and what to avoid, the effect of condition and packaging on price, advice on care and display, and where to buy.


100 Dinky Toys
David Cooke

The Bressingham Steam Museum houses one of the biggest collections of Dinky Toys in the world. The David Cooke Vintage Toy Collection displays an amazing 500 plus Dinky Toys. From the 1930's to 1980 Dinky Toys were a household name in the world of toy cars. In this programme, we join David Cooke to see some of the rarest, oldest and most collectable Dinky Toys in the World.

History of British Dinky

Cecil Gibson

Awaiting review
The Dinky Collection 2
Awaiting review

Model Cars
Frank Thompson

(signed edition)

Dinky Toys
Price Guide
75th Anniversary Edition




Factory of Dreams [Paperback]

  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Crucible Books (11 Jun 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1905472080



Also worth looking for:-

The History of the Hornby Companion Series: New Cavendish Books

by Peter Gurd

Initiated in 1978, the series forms a complete library of historical reference material covering all the products of the famous Binns Road factory of Meccano Limited, which finally closed in 1980. The first volume is an overview of all those products, whilst volumes 2 to 7 each cover the detailed history of one product: the final volume is a treasury of the accumulated literature of the company. Vols 2, 3A, 4A and 7A are out of print; Vol 4 has been effectively superseded by another title; Vols 3 & 5 have been "upgraded" by amended editions with new material (see below).

Special note - these details have been compiled from the actual books rather than the publisher's catalogues, which (with the dustjacket notes) are sometimes misleading! Several reprints over the years have claimed to be "completely revised", but the original text is often unchanged, although some volumes have acquired additional features. This factual comment is not a criticism: reprints have kept these books available over a long period at much less than the price of new publications.

Lavish illustrations and use of colour are the hallmark of this series, and a special feature is the reproduction in full colour of scarce original source catalogues which today have become highly prized collectors' items:

Vol 1 includes the Meccano Book of Products 1935, plus the Hornby Book of Trains 1938/9 (& 1939/40 extract).

Vol 2 includes the Meccano Book of Engineering 1928 ( and all 37 prewar Super Model leaflets, plus variants).

Vol 7 reproduces all 725 covers of both English and French editions of the Meccano Magazine.

Voll 8 includes full reproductions of: The Magic Carpet (1925); the Hornby Books of Trains 1925/6, 1927/8, and 1933/34; Toys of Quality catalogue (1957); Hornby Dublo catalogue (1962).

In addition, Vol 7A includes a reproduction of all 12 issues of the Meccano Magazine for 1936.

The "Compendia" cause some confusion as each serves a different purpose. Vol 3A is the complete chronological list of Dublo products (the "Compendium" from page 326 of Vol 3 but reset for easier use), plus a useful dated index of all known literature. Vol 4A was a serial listing of Dinky Toys, absent from only the 1st edition of the main volume. Vol 5A, a comprehensive table of all 0 Gauge production arranged to clearly highlight successive variations, is additional material not contained in either original or revised versions of the Gauge 0 story. Vol 6A is a reprint of pages 335 to 428 of Vol 6: it is NOT an add-on booklet as the text states! Vol 7A is a volume in its own right: an anthology of over 400 MM articles across the years, with all twelve 1936 issues of the MM reprinted in full.

Now, back to the full list of all the books published in the Hornby Companion Series:

Vol 5 "Hornby Gauge 0 System" (Chris & Julie Graebe); 440pp; 600 illustrations, 540 in colour.
(first pub 1985 - very dark blue jacket, reprints every 2 or 3 years. From 1995, revised edition - green jacket - extended by additional 100 page section of full colour illustrations, but original text unchanged unchanged. Note that 6 pages of additional information appear in Vol 5A, but not in the revised Vol 5. Note also that at the start of the HCS, Bruce Baxter was to be author of Vol 5 - and so appears on early dustjackets)

Vol 5A "Gauge 0 Compendium" (Chris & Julie Graebe); 128pp (tabular information only). OUT OF PRINT
(pub 1989, a table of all 0 Gauge production highlighting important variations: 6pp addendum to Vol 5).

Vol 1 "The Products of Binns Road" (Peter Randall); 224pp; 102 colour, 170 b/w illustrations.

Vol 2 "The Meccano Super Models" (Geoff Wright); 336pp, many b/w illustr. OUT OF PRINT

Vol 3 "Hornby Dublo Trains" (Michael Foster); 432pp; 632 photos/drawings, 64 in colour.

(first pub 1980, reprints every 2 or 3 years - some in 1983 as "Golden Jubilee" edition. From 1992 on, reprints

have included 16 extra colour pages based on an HRCA calendar. BEWARE: some books lack these pages!).

Vol 3A "Hornby Dublo Compendium" (Alan Ellis); 136pp - see above. OUT OF PRINT

Vol 4 "Dinky Toys & Modelled Miniatures" (Mike & Sue Richardson); 384pp; over 700 illustr. OUT OF PRINT

(the 2nd edition included 87 colour pictures formerly in b/w, and incorporated Compendium 4A, but otherwise

was unchanged: this volume was effectively superseded by "The Great Book of Dinky" published in 2000).

Vol4A "Dinky Toys Compendium" (Patrick Trench); 72pp. Supplement to Vol 4 1st Edition. OUT OF PRINT

Vol 5 "Hornby Gauge 0 System" (Chris & Julie Graebe); 440pp; 600 illustrations, 540 in colour.

(first pub 1985 - very dark blue jacket, reprints every 2 or 3 years. From 1995, revised edition - green jacket - extended by additional 100 page section of full colour illustrations, but original text unchanged unchanged. Note that 6 pages of additional information appear in Vol 5A, but not in the revised Vol 5. Note also that at the start of the HCS, Bruce Baxter was to be author of Vol 5 - and so appears on early dustjackets)

Vol 5A "Gauge 0 Compendium" (Chris & Julie Graebe); 128pp (tabular information only).

(pub 1989, a table of all 0 Gauge production highlighting important variations: 6pp addendum to Vol 5).

Vol 6 "The Meccano System" (Bert Love/Jim Gamble); 432pp; 850 illustrations, 96 in colour.

Vol 6A "Meccano System Compendium" (Jim Gamble); 96pp. Reprint of "Compendium" pp 334 on from Vol 6.

Vol 7 "The Meccano Magazine" (Joseph Manduca); 484pp. 690 covers in colour, 35 (as originals) b/w. OUT OF PRINT

(Brief history of MM taken from Vol 6, 100pp new contents index probably felt to be of limited value).

Vol 7A "Meccano Magazine Anthology" (Ed. Allen Levy); 1072pp, over 2500 b/w illus. OUT OF PRINT

(This was the only volume in portrait format, but came in a "landscape" slipcase to match other volumes).

Vol 8 "The Hornby Companion" (Roger Beardsley); 628pp; over 1000 illustrations, 265pp in colour.

(This gives detailed coverage to the whole range of Meccano Ltd publications, other than the MM - Instruction manuals & leaflets; New & Prize model books; promotional & trade literature; and of course public catalogues.

This final volume ends with a useful index of all the original source material consulted during the whole series).

Corgi Books


The Great Book of Corgi Toys
Marcel Van Cleemput

ISBN - 0904568539

Corgi - The Great Book of Corgi 1956 - 1983 by .The book deals with the Corgi range from its inception in 1956 through to the receivership of the Mettoy Company in October 1983.

Collecting Corgi Toys
Mike Richardson

ISBN - 1870703219

Over 600 listings contain pricing, identification data, production years and more-
Features historical information on the company-
Nearly 150 full-color photos

Corgi Toys
Dr. Edward Force

ISBN - 9780764322532

Every model of Corgi toy is shown in 128 color group photos with
the history supplemented by detailed descriptions of all the models
and their known variations. Includes up-to-date price guide.

The Unauthorised Encylopedia of
Corgi Toys
Bill Manzke

ISBN - 0764303082

Book Description
Hop in for a complete tour of the tiny world this British toy maker created.
Explore four decades of diecast production, following the route the industry
took as it shed outdated techniques for state-of-the-art cars James Bond
would have been proud of. Written from the unique perspective of an American
collector, the book presents topics never before discussed in print,
chronicling the rise, fall, and rebirth of Corgi Toys, all illustrated with hundreds
of color photos of models and memorabilia never before seen in print.
The smaller Husky and Corgi Juniors lines, often neglected in other books,
are also covered. Other sections examine Corgi clubs, marketing, packaging,
memorabilia, and special interest groupings. Most importantly, this
encylopedia presents the most complete variation listing and value
guide published to date, including sections covering Corgi, Husky,
and Juniors models from their introduction through the present day.

About the Author
Bill Manzke lives with his wife and two children in the Midwest.
He has been an avid Corgi collector since age 6.

British Diecasts - A collectors guide to 'toy' cars, vans & trucks

Graham Thompson

ISBN: 9780854292646


This book was published in 1980. It shows many Dinky models as well as a few other makes.

The photos are mostly black & white but the information is quite useful.

Tootsie Toys - The World's First Diecast Models

Wieland & Force

ISBN: 0879380659

The history of the company and the models they produced. The photos are all in black & white.

It was published by Motorbooks Intl in January 1980.



  • Subtitle: An International Survey of Tinplate and Diecast Commercial Vehicles from 1900 to the Present Day
  • Media: Hardcover Book, 128 pages
  • Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (May 01, 1997)
  • ISBN-10: 0517184710
  • ISBN-13: 9780517184714


Collectors of all ages will treasure this fascinating compendium of full-color photographs of tinplate and diecast toys, including trains, planes, automobiles, fire engines, trucks, and motorcycles.


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