The models on this page are all commissions that I have done for other people.

If you would like a model restored please contact me for prices.


Corgi 348 Psychedelic Ford Mustang


Corgi 265 Batmobile - first version


Corgi 265 Batmobile - second version converted to third version.


Corgi 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (x4)


Britains 155mm 'Long Tom' Gun


Volvo 'Thorburns' Lorry

I was asked if I could create a model from this photo. A Volvo cab and plain white trailer were provided.

I created the graphics and turned them into waterslide decals and sprayed the cab in the authentic Volvo colour.

This was the final result


Dinky 157 Jaguar XK120


Baybutts Trailer to Corgi Collector 200th Edition

Just a change of decals on the trailer for this one.


These 3 Jaguar XK120's were repainted for a customer

Acloser view of each model.


Corgi Tri Deck transporter repainted in 'Ford' livery.

Pair of 'Ford' cabs.

3 Corgi Tri Decks - cabs were finished later.

Decals done as advertising for a diecast forums.