Dinky 626 Army Ambulance

Model #1

As Bought:

Rear doors missing but in otherwise good condition.

Restoration: New doors and hinge pins were purchased. The doors were painted up and assembly begun.

The pin has one end already flattened - the idea usually being that the pin is slid through the bottom mounting, through each of the door montings and through the top mounting. It is then flattened to keep it from slipping out again.

I found that the top mounts for the hinge pins were broken off so I ground these flat and drilled a small hole the same diameter as the pin in the center of each mounting.

With my top mounts missing I bent the pin at 90 degrees in the appropriate place to fit snugly through the drilled hole. This was then fastened with superglue.

The first door fitting went well and looked really good but on fitting the second door I managed to break the top mounting of the door.

Upon examination of the mounting, it looks like it was a poor moulding, the hole was very near to the edge which made it very fragile.However, it still means that I will have to order a new one or repair the broken door.

Process still ongoing.


Model #2

As Bought:

In almost mint condition .

Restoration: None required

Model #3

As Bought:

Badly paint chipped, missing all tyres, doors and one of the hinge mountings has broken off .


Repainted as a UN Ambulance.

Model #4

As Bought:

Awaiting delivery .


All the mouldings were ground off and the recesses filled in and smoothed off on the rear body and doors.


Model #5

As Bought:

Badly overpainted.


None yet .


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