Dinky 945 /914 A.E.C. Fuel Tanker Esso

Cab #1

As Bought:

This cab was in very poor condition as you can see.

Trailer #1

As Bought:

This trailer was also in very poor condition.


Restoration - cab #1 & trailer #1:

Both models were completely stripped, paint removed, primed and repainted.



A new set of stickers, top fittings, hoses etc. were purchased and fitted.


Cab #2

As Bought:

Spare cab purchased. Hopefully I will get a trailer to go with it to make into the military tank carrier version.


Restored in original white.

Trailer #2

As Bought:

In a job lot. Very poor condition with most bits missing.

Restoration: .

The battered trailer was patched up into reasonable condition and painted to resemble the Corn Products tanker. It is shown here with cab #2 from above. The decals are home made.

Model #3

As Bought:

Fair condition but the access bits on top are bent and the covers missing.


Restored as the Lucas Oil version.


Model #4

As Bought:

Very 'platworn' with a lot of bits missing .


Restored as a code 3 in 'Duckhams' livery.



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