60 & 70 Series List

Model No. Description
60G Light Racer
60G Light Racer (model #2)
60s Fairy Battle
62b Medium Bomber #1
62b Medium Bomber #2
62g Long Range Bomber
62k The King's Aircraft
62m Light Transport Plane
62p Ensign Airliner
62p Whitworth Airliner
62r Four Engined Liner
62s Hawker Hurricane
63b Seaplane
63b Seaplane (model #2)
63b Seaplane (model #3)
60y (copy) Aircraft Refueler
62y Giant High Speed Monoplane
70a / 704 Avro York
70c Viking airliner
70d / 731 Twin Engined Fighter
70e Gloster Meteor
70e Gloster Meteor (model #2)

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