Projects - Fat Landy

This model was produced as an entry into one of the Diecast Restoration Forum's competitions.
The competion was for entries based on any make of Land Rover.

I bought this model off Ebay It is a Corgi Military Land Rover.

I started looking for ideas and came across this real vehicle -

A Monster Truck by the name of Fat Landy.

As this was based on a Land Rover, I thought it would make an ideal entry for the competion.

The model was striped to bare components and the shell was stripped of paint. In the meantime I started looking round for some suitable wheels but all the ones in my scrap box were too thin.
I struck lucky one day while passing a charity shop. In the window was a plastic Jeep with quite chunky wheels.
The model was snapped up for the costly sum of 20p.

The next step was rto make up a chassis framework to match the real vehicle.

This was done using 2 pieces of tubing for the axles, built up with Milliput to resemble differencials and various bits of round plastic sprue.

The dampers were made from round sprue with wire wrapped round it to remble the heavy duty springs.
Pieces of thick platic were used to extend the original axle legs to enable the larger wheels to fit.

Plastic card was used to make up the front extention plate and plastic rod bent to shape to make the roll cage on the rear.

At this stage the model was treated to a coat of primer and the sprayed yellow. When dry, the chassis was hand painted in black and silver.

The wheels were attached to standard Dinky axles that were fed through the axle tubes and the wheel hubssecured by peening over the end of the axles.

The detailing was then picked out by hand.


This is the finished model that was entered -


and doing a few trick like the real thing -




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