How to make your own decals

Lets start by making a nice simple decal.

I have chosen a 'police' decal for the side of Dinky 250 Mini Clubman Police Car

As you can see from the photo, the sign on the door is just plain blue lettering. As the model's colour is white it does not really matter if we use clear paper or white paper to print out onto.Here is an example of what we will make -

This will look the same on both white and clear paper.

You can either follow my steps in making your own or copy the image above, save it to your hard drive and then load it into your graphics program. It will be better for you to practice making your own though -

Step 1 - The Software

Open your chosen graphics program. The finished decal will need to be 15mm long by 5mm high so create a new page or new graphic from the file menu.
I am using Coral Paint Shop Pro X so you may find that your chosen software is slightly different.
Make the new graphic size 15mm X 5mm.

This will create a new blank page.


Set the background to the colour 'white' and then open a new 'layer' over the top of it.

Select the font colour - I am just using a plain blue for this example but the colour can be adjusted infinitely to get the shade you want.
Select the 'Text' tool and click on the white space. Most programs will open a box asking the the text to be entered. You can usually select the type of font (shape of the lettering) and the size of the lettering in this box.
For this example I have used plain Arial font with a text size 12.

In the space asking for text type in the word 'POLICE' Note I have used capital letters - don't forget to use the 'shift' key or the 'Caps Lock' key to do this. Click OK once the text is entered.

You should have something like this - the text with a box round it. You can resize the text and move it to where you want by resizing the box.
Resize it so it fills the white space like this -

Before you go any further save the graphic. I advise doing this regularly so that you don't lose your work if something goes wrong.

I would also advise using the 'Save As' feature as this will allow you to save it in a JPEG, JPG or GIF format which are more suitable to our needs later on.

You now have a graphic suitable for printing out.

Next Section - Getting Ready for Printing