Model Restoration

This part of my website explains how to go about restoring a model step by step. It is split into various sections to make it easier for you to follow.

The first few sections cover the basic stripping, paint removal, repainting and reassembly of a simple model.
The later sections cover more advanced processes and techniques required for more advanced restorations.

I have done my best to explain each stage to its full extent but - I am not a writer and sometimes it can be difficult for me to explain a complete process. If there are any parts that you do not understand or that you need further clarification on you are welcome to email me with questions. My email is shown on the contact page which is accessible through the index frame on the left of your screen. (If you have found this page from a search engine you may not be able to view the index. If this is the case please click here to renew the whole site)

Section 1 - Initial preparation.
This section covers the disassembly of the model to it's component parts.

Section 2 - Paint removal
Different methods of removing the paint.

Section 3 - Painting
This section explains how to repaint the model - the separate stages, what paint to use, application etc.

Section 4 - Reassembly
Explains how to put the model back together, different methods, what is required etc.

Section 5 - Final touches.
A few final touches can make all the difference to a model.

More advanced processes


How to make your Own Decals

A Basic model Restoration - Quick Guide

Specific Models
Corgi 261 'James Bond 007' Aston Martin DB5



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