Section 5 - Finishing Touches

Now your model is back together and is looking quite good. But you can't put it in the display cabinet just yet - there's a bit more to do.

On the original models, the grills on the models were picked out in silver and many models had marking applied so now is the time to do these.

Using a very fine brush and silver paint, I actually use a Chrome paint - it looks better as it is shiny, pick out the details of the radiator. Depending on the model being restored, some, such as the American cars, had silver trim lines down the sides. Pick these out as well. Needless to say, great care should be taken when doing these. You need a lot of patience and a steady hand. One slip with the brush at this stage could spoil all your hard work.

Transfers or decals as they now seem to be called are available for most of the Dinky models (see list of parts suppliers under the Links section).
To apply these you will need a set of tweezers.
Cut the decals into individual items. Soak the piece that you are going to apply in clean, luke warm water for a few seconds. The time it takes to soften varies so keep an eye on it. Lift the decal out of the water by the paper and gently see if it slides easily. Do not use force or you can damage the decal. When it slides easily, it is ready for applying. Dampen your finger in the water and moisten the area of the model that the decal is to applied to. This will help the decal slide into place.
Position the decal on the backing paper in the approximate area it is to be applied and gently slide it sideways onto the model.
At this stage it should move about fairly freely so that you can get it into its final position. Dab it lightly with a tissue or piece of kitchen roll, this will remove excess water. Ensure that the decal is where you want it and press it into place with the tissue. Ensure that there are no air bubbles trapped in it and leave to set into place.

This process is straightforward on most models as they are usually applied to a fairly flat surface. However, if the decal is applied to a curved surface, especially one that curved both ways such as a dome shape, it can cause problems with the decal not lying flat.

To combat this problem there are various solutions on the market that, when applied, soften the decal and allow it to take the shape of whatever it is being applied to.
Having said this, I have not found the need for it on any of the models that I have restored - Just thought I would mention it in case you have problems.

All you need now is a box to finish it off with but that my friends, is something that I cannot help you with as unfortunately, I have never got into making my own boxes. There are CD's available (look on Ebay) with templates to make your own boxes for Corgi and Dinky models but the actual range for Dinky seems to be a bit limited.
There are also various companies that sell repro boxes (these also sell on Ebay)

Now that you have added all the finishing touches you should now be in the possession of a model that is worthy of the display cabinet.


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